It’s Time For Honesty


How often are you truly honest? Even if you’re a super-honest person, there will be times when you opt for a safer option than the truth. It’s in our makeup to skirt over things and put a brave face on. So when someone asks us how we are, we often reply ‘fine, thanks’ with a smile on our face, even when we’ve just had a day from hell. Why? 

We do the same professionally. It’s no secret that, during the Covid pandemic, businesses have struggled. Yet how many businesses carry on posting shiny, polished social media posts? Instead of being honest, they gloss over it and carry on as normal to the outside world. Why?


Why is honesty sometimes so uncomfortable?

Honesty can make us, and others, feel uncomfortable. So, sometimes it just feels easier to avoid it, easier to put a brave face on and carry on as if everything is fine and dandy. But does that really work?

It can do – to some extent. If a bad day just needs washing off and you know tomorrow will be better, sure, go ahead and give a dismissive ‘fine’ when someone asks how you are. But if it runs deeper than that, why not be honest?

Instead of skirting round the fact that if certain businesses don’t find a way to continue through these hard times, they will fold, why not be honest?

Because it’s uncomfortable. And that makes us feel vulnerable, whether it’s on a personal or professional level.


When honesty can open doors

The daft thing is, the discomfort of being honest can make someone feel more comfortable because they might be going through the same thing as you are. By opening up and confiding the truth in someone, you may just give them the opportunity that they need to do the same.

In some ways, Covid has helped people share more on a personal level. There have been very few people who have been fine throughout this. On varying scales, almost everyone has struggled in some respect or other. While some businesses have thrived, a lot have not. But honesty about how we really are often remains behind private and trusted doors. How would the world be if we spoke more openly and honestly about things?


What are your thoughts? Are you open and honest about your life, or do you keep certain aspects behind closed doors? Let us know in the comments below.

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