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Over the past few months, nobody has been able to escape the effects Covid has brought about. Apart from the older generations who may have experienced wartime, the vast majority of us have never lived through a time that has changed our lives so fundamentally.

The well-known saying ‘we’re all in the same boat’ has morphed into ‘same storm, different boats’. We have one very strong thing in common – Covid – but our individual lives and how we choose to react to it remain very different. 

There are two choices in a situation like this: judge those around you that are doing things differently to you, or live the experience differently, but side by side – in solidarity. We’ve seen some wonderful and truly heartwarming solidarity – like the clap for the NHS. But this needs to happen on much smaller scales too, and breeding solidarity is what Makin’ Monsters wants to do – in all areas of life.


How can Makin’ Monsters breed solidarity?

Talking about a small worry can disperse it before it grows to be a monster in your head. This is what we want people to be able to do with Makin’ Monsters – a platform born from the belief that sharing worries is the best way to calm them. So, we want people to feel as though they can share, without the fear of judgement.

Just because you would do something differently, in terms of Covid or anything else in life, doesn’t mean you can’t support someone. Learning to live alongside people who decide to take a different path to you, without making them feel as though they are wrong, is a huge step forward in breeding solidarity and acceptance in the world.

So if you see a discussion in our forum that contains views that aren’t in line with yours, by all means, ask questions and show an interest in learning more about those views and the reasons behind them. This deepens our understanding, and, in turn, makes us less judgmental. But what we do not want, and will not accept, is negative, unkind reactions that don’t take other people’s feelings and opinions into account. There is a way to stand together even when we don’t agree.


Get involved in Makin’ Monsters and see who you can help control the monsters inside their heads by standing beside them and giving them some kind, positive and supportive words of advice.

One thought on “Makin’ Monsters – Join Us In Solidarity

  • Jo Berthelot says:

    I love this sentiment. Why can’t we just accept we don’t all think the same way and see it as a chance to learn from each other?

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