What are we here to do?

Makin’ Monsters was born out of the belief that sharing worries is the best way to calm them. How many times have you been fraught with worry, until you’ve spoken to a friend, and suddenly the worry is gone… or at least manageable. 

So join us here at Makin’ Monsters – a place where you can share your worries, but also help others.  What’s keeping you awake at night is probably something that someone else has already been through and can offer you a few words of wisdom. 

Makin’ Monsters isn’t run by mental health professionals. It’s a community forum where we can offer each other a helping hand. The one thing we ask for – respect. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. We’re a community – we’re here to pull together, build each other up, share the load and stop those worries taking hold and becoming monsters inside our heads!